• Image of The Family Table - 2nd Edition

*Expanded to include even more recipes, photographs, rhythms of the home, traditions and culinary tales.

In their debut cookbook, Chef Grant Macdonald and his wife, writer and photographer Ariana Lyriotakis, write the culinary story of their family of seven, drawn from the tastes and visual feasts they encounter. A cookbook of humble ingredients, shared meals, and good company, it is meant to be enjoyed for generations to come.

1st edition - 2015
2nd edition - 2017

Hardcover. Printed in the USA.

About the authors:

GRANT MACDONALD, recipes + culinary
Chef, collaborator and creative thinker.

With 17 years as a professional chef, he credits his successes to the tutelage of renowned Chefs David Bouley, Christian DeLouvrier and Claude Pelletier, among others. The realisation of cooking in a home context, particularly creating savory and sweet dishes for a large family, is a blend of food origins, taste recognition and memory that continues to fascinate and to inspire him.

ARIANA LYRIOTAKIS, words + images
Writer, editor, translator, and photography enthusiast.

Motherhood and frequent travels have changed the way she listens and observes on a daily basis; she finds great enjoyment in weaving together the bits and pieces of family life through photo documentation and the written word. More comfortable behind the lens than in front of it, she uses the interplay of colour, light and location to evoke visual memory and authenticity.

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